About us

Vashisht is in manufacturing of single Homoeopathic medicines. We have been providing trusted natural Biochemic medicines since 1984. Today, our brand is appreciated and sold all around the country. They are made with the same care and attention as they have always been, in Standards of the day accordance with the H.P.I through our ever-growing range of products. People will enjoy naturally healthier and happier lives. Founded in 1984 by Dr.S.K.VASHISHT B.Sc. D.H.M.S.Vashisht is an independent, family owned business with a long-standing commitment to supplying high quality Homoeopathic medicines.

Our aim is to make the highest quality Homoeopathic medicines as widely available as possible, thereby providing a wider choice of safe and effective healthcare options for consumers.

A commitment to quality

At Vashisht we are proud of our high quality and popular homeopathic remedies which continue to be prepared to traditional Hahnemannian methods. We continue to uphold the ever rising Quality standards of the day across our complete Product range. We use the most advanced production methods backed up by rigorous quality Control procedures to create safe and effective Medicines. OUR Laboratory operates to current Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines.

Our commitment to quality is Supported by a strong company ethos & Research

We have been pioneer in introducing Mother Tinctures in Tablet form for the convenience of the Doctor by giving them the high Doctor’s quality medicines, which are therapeutically strong in action. We are also the first to introduce Biochemic external gel based ointment for the benefit of the patient and Doctor.

We aim to make the highest quality Homoeopathic Medicines as widely available as possible, Thereby providing a wider choice of safe and effective healthcare
    options for consumers.
 We are committed to playing our part in Delivering a stronger and more appropriate evidence base for the safety and efficacy of Homoeopathic  medicines.
We actively support the need for appropriate Regulation of Homoeopathic medicines in order to protect the consumer.
We are passionate advocates of an integrated Approach to healthcare that draws on safe Complementary treatments as well as Mainstream pharmacological medicines.  

All of our employees play a fundamental role in the Growth of the business. We work to ensure that each Person understands the contribution they have to make and that everyone has the opportunity to share. Today, our brands are Appreciated and sold All around the country.