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We manufacture  70 products in 1X tablets range. This has been done over the years of experience we have been doing for this range, mother tincture are made in convient tablet form for the patient to be able to take them as taking mother tincture directly may be a problem, we have converted them in convient tablet form. At most care is taken so that the same efficacy is maintained.


 Available in packing of 100 Tablets (HDPE bottles) and 100Gms pet container.

Cardiac Care Tablets


Family: Rosaceae 
Common Name: Ban-sangli
Composition: Each tablet contains Crategus 1X 300mg in lactose base

 Indications: An Indian Cardiac Tonic from Himalayas. Contains bitter substance crategin, citric acid tartartic acid, Pectin, fatty oil, glucose and fructose.Acts on cardiac /Heart muscles, Corrects irregularities of .Chronic heart disease, with extreme weakness.Very nervous and irregular heart action.


Family: Combretaceae
Composition: Each tablet Contains T.Arjuna l 1X 300mg in lactose base.
Botanical Name: Terminalia Arjuna .
English Name: White Marudah 
Sanskrit: Arjuna, Dhanvi, Indradruma, Kakubha, Karvirak.
Indication: Stimulates cardiac functions. Useful ecchymosed and Angina pectoris.Cardiac tonic, to be taken with milk and gur/ jaggery.Its cardio-protective, and strengthens heart muscle.

3. SUMBUL 1X (Musk-Root)

Family : Umbelliferae
Composition: Each tablet contains Sumbul 1X 300mg in lactose base.

Indications : Useful in neuralgic affections and anomalous, functional, cardiac Sumbul, as its name, “Musk-root,” implies, has an odor resembling that of musk. The resemblance is so close that Sumbul is used to adulterate musk. Sumb.was proved by Lembke, Cattell,. Hysterical mood; easy fainting; nervous palpitation; are common to both.


Common name : Bugle weed Comp.

Composition: Each tablet contains Lycopus virg 1X 300mg in lactose base.
Indication : Palpitation especially in smokers.



5. Convallaria 1X.

Composition: Each tablet contains Convallaria 1X 300mg in lactose base.

Indication :A Heart remedy, increases energy of heart’s action.

Digestive Disorder Tablets


Common Name:Golden seal
Composition:Each tablet contains Hydrastis can 1X 300mg in lactose base
Indication: Weak muscular power, poor digestion, obstinate Constipation

The so-called root of Hydrastis from which the tincture is made is really a perennial underground stem, thick, knotty, and yellow. The yellow colour is very intense, and it has been used by Indians as a dye. The plant is the only specimen of its genus among the Ranunculaceć. It grows in shady woods, in rich soil, and damp meadows. The fruit is like  a raspberry, and the plant is sometimes called Ground Raspberry in consequence.


Family: Umbelliferae
Common Name: Indian pennywort
Composition: Each tablet contains Hydrocotyle Asiatica 1X 300mg in lactose base
Indication: Acne rosacea, Elephantiasis, arabum, Gout. Hydrocotyle has been long known as an Indian remedy. Boileau was the first to use it as a remedy in leprosy. It has been tested pathogenetically and clinically, and its place has been fairly well defined. The skin and the female generative organs are the chief seats of the drug’s action; though the liver, the nerves, and the mucous membranes are also powerfully acted upon. A great variety of skin affections have been cured with it; acne, eczema, pemphigus, lupus, copper-coloured eruption; papular eruption on face; intolerable itching in various places

3. KURCHI 1X (Holarrhena Anti Dysentrica)

Family: Apocynaum
Composition: Each tablet contains Kurchi 1X 300 mg in lactose base. .

 Indication:Helpful in case of Dysentery esp. Amoebias. Antihelminths, Skin disorders. Bark contains Alkaloids conessene, Kurchina and Hollarrhenine, it is antidysentric esp. Amoebiosis



4. ZINGIBER 1X (Ginger)

Composition:Each Tablet contains Zingiber 1X 300mg in lactose base.
Indication: Debility in the digestive tract, sexual respiratory system.


5. CINNAMONUM 1X (Lauraceous)

Composition:Each Tablet contains Cinnamonum 1X 300mg in lactose base.

Indication:  A leading feature of Cinnamon is hæmorrhage. The hemorrhage is bright red and clear and  by any physical exertion. Cinnamonum.also causes gastric disturbance and hysterical attacks; pains in bones and in muscles, and great weakness as after loss of fluids. Hysterical attacks, going off with eructations; with nausea or vomiting.


Composition: Each tablet contains HamamelisVig 1X 300mg in lactose base.
Indications: Venous congestions, haemorraghes,varicoseveins,Haemorrohids The deep red colour of the tincture of Hamamelis may be taken as the signature of its therapeutic action. No remedy has a wider sphere of usefulness in cases of hæmorrhage and disordered blood-vessels. It has also a decided relation to the effects of mechanical injuries including burns of the first degree, and as a local application it takes rank with Arnica and Calendula in the homœopathicamamentarium.

Eve’s Tonic Tablets


Composition:Each tablet contains Caulophyllum 1X. 300mg in lactose base.

Indication: Caulophyllum, “the Blue Cohosh,” is closely related to Actearacem., “the Black Cohosh,” in its action, though belonging to a different family of plants. It acts most markedly on the female generative organs and on rheumatic states. It has only had one proving, that by Dr. Burt, the majority of the indications having been derived from tradition and clinical experience. It has been given with success for chloasma or pityriasisversicolor, curing incidentally dysmenia at the same time. Reflex symptoms having a uterine origin; headache; vomiting; hoarseness; rheumatism; cramps and spasms.


Composition: Each tablets contains Cimcifuga Racemosa 1X 300mg in lactose base.
Indication: Has wide action upon the cerebrospinal & Muscular system, helps in uterine cramps and heavy limbs.


Composition: Each tablets contains J Asoka1X 300mg in lactose base.
Common Name:Ashok, Sarcaindica.
Indication: Useful in cases of Uterine disorder. Regulates female reproductive organs & menstrual cycle. Principle constituent calcium salts.

4. RICINUS COMMUNIS 1X(lactation) (castor –oil)

Composition:Each tablet contains Ricinus Comm. 1X 300mg in lactose base.
Indication: Increase the quantity of milk in nursing women. The castor-oil plant is a native of India. In the tropics it is a small tree growing to the height of eight or ten feet. Under the name of Palma Christi it is cultivated as an annual in this country, its stems reaching from three to five feet. The oil of medicine is obtained from the seeds. The blandest which is in common use is “cold drawn,” i.e., expressed without the aid of heat, and contains the smallest amount of the acrid principle. The castor-oil plant is a native of India. In the tropics it is a small tree growing to the height of eight or ten feet. Under the name of Palma Christi it is cultivated as an annual in this country, its stems reaching from three to five feet. The oil of medicine is obtained from the seeds.

First Aid Tablet


Common Name : Marigold 
Composition: Each tablet contains Calendula 0FF 1X 300mg in lactose base.


Common Name:KNITBONE
Composition:Each tablets contains Symphytum 1X 300mg in lactose base.
Indication:A Sovereign remedy for injuries to bone, bone fractures Symphytum may be considered the orthopædic specific of herbal medicine. “The roots of Comfrey stamped, and the juice drunk with wine, help those that spit blood and heal all inward wounds and bursting. The same bruised and laid to in manner of a plaster, doth heal all fresh and green wounds, and are so glut native, that it will solder and glue together meat that is chopped in pieces, seething in a pot, and make it in one lump” (Gerarde).

Immunity and Nutrative Tablets


Composition:Each tablet contains Aegale mar 1X 300mg in lactose base
Indication:It is ant scorbutic, carminative, and nutritive. It is used in constipation, Bleeding piles dysentery and diarrhea. It is aromatic, astringent, cooling, and febrifuge and also acts as onic for heart and brain. It's used to improve appetite and digestion. Used for treating diabetes, jaundice.




Health Promoter, Gain Weight Naturally

Family: Leguminosae
Common Name:Lusan
Composition:Each tablet contains Alfalfa 1X 300 mg in lactose base.
Indication: Alfalfa is one of nature's most powerful foods, it is termed as 'father of all foods', rich source of vitamins A, C, E, and K4; and minerals calcium, potassium, phosphorous, and iron Contains Vitamins A & E, Amylase, emsulin, saponins and alkaloids, beta methyl glucoside, Ketones Recommended for fatigue, loss of appetite, nervousness as a result of anxiety, worry and overwork. Especially good for convalescence. Addresses conditions of anemia, loss of appetite, helps quick recovery after debilitating fevers or surgical operations, pregnancy, loss of weight. Indicated in cases of Alcoholism- - Appetite Stimulant - Blood Sugar Control- Bone and Joint Problems - Breastfeeding Problems - Menstrual Difficulties- Menopausal Difficulties - Mineral Deficiency - Weight Gain Stimulant Excellent for growing children, strengthens your child's immunity, checks recurrent infections, improves appetite and adds weight.


3. ASWAGANDHA 1X (Withaniasomnifera) H-asgand. Tel Vajigandha.

Composition:: Each tablet contains Aswagandha 1X 300 mg in lactose base.
Common Name: Aswagandha
Indication:Indian Ginseng stimulates vitality, controls debility accompanying nervous exhaustion, long-term stress. Beneficial in controlling stress related disorders, CEREBRAL DISORDERS OF ELDERLY INCLUDING LOSS IN MEMORY an antistress agent imparts a sense of well being.


Composition:Each tablet contains Avena Sativa 1X 300 mg in lactose base.
Family: Graminae (H-Jey)

Indication:Nervous tonic Weakness and nervous exhaustion, Impotence, Premature ejaculation, Anxiety, Sleeplessness, Exhaustion after childbirth and during breast-feeding, Tablet taken with WARM WATER IS PREFERRED It has proved of great value in alcoholics who are nervous and sleepless, useful In treatment of the morphine & opium addicts Avena has been used empirically in substantial doses preferably in hot water) in a large number of cases of nerve weakness. The leading indications are: Irregularities of the male sexual system. Nervous exhaustion.General debility.Nervous palpitation.Insomnia. Inability to keep the mind fixed on any one subject, especially when due to masturbation or sexual irregularities. It is most valuable in enabling a patient to overcome the morphine habit. It appears to exert the same kind of soothing action, without creating a habit of its own.

5. OLEUM JECORIS ASELLE 1X ( Cod liver oil)

Composition:Each tablet contains Oleum j 1X 300mg in lactose base.

Indication:A nutrient ,a hepatic and Pancreatic remedy , Emaciation, Lassitude ,Scrofulous dieseases The number of people who “cannot take cod-liver oil” is very great; which means that Oleum Jec. Aselle  is a pathogenetic as well as a curative agent. Neidhard proved it and elicited some very definite symptoms, and to these have been added effects, curative and pathogenetic, observed on patients. The oil contains a large number of proximate principles of great complexity, to which its specific medicinal properties are due. Recent developments of sarcopathy mark out Oleum Jec. Aselle  as a liver remedy, an ally of Cholesterine, and this provings confirm. Very decided pains in the liver and liver region with great soreness were noted in Neidhard’sprovings, and these symptoms give one of the keynotes of the remedy─Soreness. Not only the liver, but the throat, chest, abdomen, kidneys, ovaries, joints, and back are all sore; the spine is sore as in spinal irritation.

Liver Tonic Tablets


Composition:Each tablets contains Cardus Mar 1X 300 mg in lactose base.
Common Name:Milk Thistle

Indication:Corrects liver disorder. Helps in case of Jaundice, Gallstone. The action of Cardus Mar. is centered on Liver has specific relation to vascular system,abuse of alcoholic beverages. Good for dropsical congestion and hepatic diseases, address debility due to hepatic diseases, stimulates bile secretion .Liver detoxification remedy.  Contains lactone cricin that has properties similar to antibiotics to heal wounds faster, flavonlignan, silymarinIs

Active principal Silymarin


Composition:Each tablet contains Chel. Maj. 6x 300 mg in lactose base
Indications:Indicated In sluggish liver /jaundice.


3.Carica Papaya 1X

Composition:Each tablet contains Carica Papaya 1X 300mg in lactose base. , Indication: Promotes digestion, helpful in enlarged Liver, Spleen ,Uterine disorder


Nerve Tonic Tablets


Composition:Each tablets contains BacopaMonnren 1X 300 mg in lactose base.
Common Name:Brahmi.
Indication:: A small creeping herb found throughout India contains alkaloids Brahmine,herpentlne, & Volatile principle vellarine its diuretic, antiphlogestic, aperients blood purifier, bitter in taste, it's a nervine tonic that enhances learning, academic performance and mental ability Lowers tension due to mental overwork.



Composition:Each tablet contains Passiflora 1X 300mg in lactose base.
Common Name:Passion-flower
Indication:Has quieting effect on the nervous system, Insomania, Antispasmodic.


Composition:Each tablet contains Aswagandha 1X 300mg in lactose base.
Indication:Indian Ginseng stimulates vitality, controls debility accompanying nervous exhaustion, long-term stress. Beneficial in controlling stress related disorders, cerebral disorders of elderly including loss in memory an anti stress agent imparts a sense of well being.



Composition:Each tablet contains Hypericum 1X 300mg in lactose base. , Indication:A remedy for injuries to nerves, relieves pain after surgical operations.

       Commonly called Tutsan (toutesaine) The leaves of various species of Hypericum are sprinkled with pellucid dots and black glands which contain an essential oil. These, which are most conspicuous in Hypericum perforatum, have evidently given the signature which has led to the chief use of the plant in medicine, namely, as a remedy for wounds or perforations of the integuments. The leaves, moreover, are lance-shaped. The leaves of H. androsćnum), were applied to fresh wounds from olden time.


Composition:Each tablet contains GinkoBiloba 1X 300mg in lactose base.
Indication: To improve mental function : Alzheimer's disease Age-related memory loss Macular degeneration, Sexual dysfunction, to enhance blood circulation Ginkgo leaves are believed to contain compounds that thin blood and help to improve muscle tone in the walls of blood vessels. This may enhance blood flow.



Composition:Each tablet contains Gnaphalium 1X 300mg in lactose base.

Indication:  Sciatica  Pain associated with numbness.


7. Gaultheria 1X

Composition:Each tablet contains Gaultheria 1X 300mg in lactose base.

Indication:   Inflammatory rheumatism ,Neuralgias.



Renal Care Tablets


Composition:Each tablet contains Berb. Vulgaris 1X 300mg in lactose base
Common Name:Barberry Contains Berbamine, berberine .

Indication:  Is traditionally used for treatment of pain in the kidney region, kidney stones, and addressing renal & vesicle troubles, gall stones. Strong anti bacterial action.


2. OCCIMUM CAN 1X Family Labiates'

Composition:Each tablet contains Occimum can 1X 300mg in lactose base.
Indication: Useful in diseases of Kidney, urine red in color Renal colic esp. right sided,. Uric acid diathesis, Renal calculi Occimum can. is one of the remedies we owe to Mure, who tells us that it is used in Brazil “as a specific for diseases of the kidneys, bladder, and urethra.

3. RHUS AROMATICA 1X (Anacardiacea)

Composition:Each tablet contains Rhusaromatica 1X 300mg in lactose base.
Indication:Renal and urinary affection, Nocturnal enuresis in children. Simple Diabetic inspidus.Urinary incontinence (Dripping) both in children and aged, WITH LOW SPECIFIC GRAVI chronic. Enuresis.



Composition:Each tablet contains Hydrangea 1X 300mg in lactose base
Indication:A remedy for RENAL CALCULAI, profuse deposits of white amorphous salts in urine. Hydrangea has a traditional reputation as a “stone-breaking” remedy having been used in calculous diseases for many years. 

Respiratory Tablets


Composition:Each tablet contains Blatta.Or 1X 300mg in lactose base.
Common Name:Cockroach.
Indication:Asthma associated with bronchitis, cough, and dyspnoeauseful in cases of bronchitis and phthisis where there is much dyspnœa.



Composition:Each tablet contains Grindelia Rob 1X 300mg in lactose base.
Indication:Acts on cardio-Pulmonary system and regulates it has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.


Composition: Each tablet contains Justica.A.Vasaka1X 300mg in lactose base.
Common Name:Malabar nut
Indication: Acute Cough.

4. OCCIMUM SANC 1X (Tulsi)

Composition:Each tablets contains Occimumsanc 1X 300 mg in lactose base.
Common Name:Tulsi Principle constituent alkaloid glycosides, saponins, tannins. Principle constituent alkaloid glycosides, saponins, tannins
Indication:Has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.


5.Guauacum 1X

Compoition:Each tablet contains Guauacum 1X 300mg in lactose base.

Indication: Gouty and rheumatic pain  contraction ,Arthrites diathesis.

Blood Sugar regulator Tablets


Compoition:Each tablet contains Cephalandra 1X. 300mg in lactose base.
Common Name:Telakucha
Indication:Cephalandra Indica is a Homoeopathic remedy for Blood Sugar and Blood Urea problems.



2.GYMNEMA SYLVESTRE 1X (N.O. Asclepiadceae.)

Composition:Each tablet contains Gymnemasyl 1X 300mg in lactose base.
Indication:Medicine for Diabetes Mellitu Profuse urination loaded with sugar, specific gravity; high 
SUGAR METABOLISM: Sugar killer, excellent medicine for Diabetes mellitus, also efficacious in poisonous snake bites.


Common Name:Jamoon
Composition:Each tablets contains Syz.Jamb 1X 300 mg in lactose base.
Indication:Regulates Blood sugar. It's astringent, useful in glycosuria. Stimulates insulin secretory cells, improves carbohydrate metabolism
HYPERGLYCAEMIA: It is a most useful remedy in Diabetes Mellitus. No other remedy causes in so marked degree the diminution and disappearance of sugar in the urine. Great thirst, weakness, emaciation.Very large amounts of urine, specific gravity high. Prickly heat in upper part of the body, small red pimples itch violently. Clinical ailments include Diabetes. Glycosuria.Pimples.Prickly heat.Ulcers.


4.Abroma Aug 1X.

Composition:Each tablets contains Abroma Aug 1X 300 mg in lactose base.
Regulates Blood Sugar. Nocturnal enuresis,Unfreshed sleep.

Blood Pressure regulator Tablets


Composition:Each tablet contains Raw.Serp 1X 300 mg in lactose base.
Indication:Root contains alkaloids ajmaline serpentine, and rauwolflne, it regulate Blood pressure. Useful in insomnia.

Skin, Blood Purifier Tablets

1. AZADIRACHTHA INDICA. 1X (NEEM) (Blood purifier)

Composition:Each tablet contains Azad.indica 1X 300 mg in lactose base.
Indication:Anti bacterial, antifungal and Blood purifier. Useful in skin Disorders. It's known for its antiseptic properties chiefly due to three active Principles Azaderine, Margocine&Ketectin.and successfully used as PROPHYLACTICS in swinefluepidiemic.
DETOXIFIER: It has tonic, anti-septic, astringent and anti-periodic properties. Its action on fevers is well known and is especially useful in cases previously maltreated with quinine., Helminthiasis, boils, bilious derangements, catarrh, vomiting, skin diseases,



Common Name:Mountain Grape
Composition:Each tablet contains Berb. Aquafolia1X 300mg in lactose base. Indication: Acne, Blotches and pimples 
HEALTHY SKIN: A remedy for the skin, chronic catarrhal affections, secondary syphilis. It has marked action on skin producing pimply, dry, rough and scaly eruptions. It is also helpful in dry Eczema with itching. Clears the complexion. It also helps in Psoriasis. Stimulates all glands and improves nutrition


3.ECHINECIA AUGUSTA 1X (Meyer's Blood purifier)

Composition:Each tablet contains Ech Aug 1X 300 mg in lactose base.
Indication:A corrector of the deprivation of body fluids Improves Immunity, It's antiseptic, ant fermentative. Indicated, abscess & enteric fever.
ANTISEPTIC ACTION: Echinacea corrects blood and immune disorders; hence it is useful in all types of blood poisonings. Acute auto-infection, septic conditions, bites of poisonous animals, lymphangitis, gangrene or vaccinosis. . Erysipelas and foul ulcers.Gangrene.Goiter with exophthalmic symptoms, Foul discharges with emaciation and great debility. Traditionally used for acute & auto infections. It is a remarkable remedy for blood dyscrasia (diseased state of the blood with abnormal cellular elements), last stage of cancer to ease pain.

           Homeopathic immunity stimulant against virus & bacteria. It is detoxifying wound healing properties and is a strong anti-fungal, anti inflammatory Contains Alkamides like Isobutylamide, Cynarin, Betaine, Humulene


Common Name:Stinging- nettle
Composition:Each tablet contains Urticaria urens 1X  300mg in lactose base.
Indication:Enuresis, urticaria, Bee sting, Gout and uric acid ,Diathesis, Burns of the first degree and scalds.

Vitality Tablets


Composition:Each tablet contains Damiana 1X 300mg in lactose base.
Indication:Indicated in sexual debility, anxiety and Depression associated with sexual life. Nervous prostration,NEURAESTHENIA: It is of great use in Sexual Neurasthenia, impotency. Sexual debility from nervous prostration.Incontinence of old people.Chronic prostatic discharge.Renal and cystic catarrh.Frigidity of females.Aids the establishment of normal menstrual flow in young girls.



2.Ginseng 1X

Composition:Each tablet contains Ginseng 1X 300 mg in lactose base. 
Indication:Increases mental and physical efficiency, its active ingredients are called Ginsinosids which balance the stress. Lowers cholesterol and triglycerides levels.Improves sleep.Stimulates appetites.Helps the body to adapt stress.Useful in physical weakness.Contains vitamin A, B6 and zinc. It is a stimulant and removes feelings of fatigue, imparting a joyous sense of vigor and elasticity to the limbs, especially the upper limbs and clearness of mind. Drowsiness with headache.Feeling of extreme heat & intense coldness, longing to expose the body to cool air. Ginseng is said to be a stimulant to secretory glands, especially salivary. Acts on the lower part of the spinal cord.Lumbago, Sciatica, and rheumatism.Paralytic weakness.Hiccough.Skin symptoms, itching pimples on neck and chest.Sexual excitement. is traditionally used as a stress buster tonic (help your body withstand the effects of physical and mental stress), immunostimulant, resistance to infections, stimulant of secretion glands.Good Homeopathic adaptogenic tonic for the body to adapt to stress, fatigue or physical weakness, mental or emotional problems.


Composition:Each tablet contains Sabalserr 1X 300mg in lactose base.
Indication:General and sexual debility,
PROSTATE AFFECTIONS: Helps in both general and sexual debility. Promotes nutrition and tissue building.Valuable for undeveloped Mammary glands.Sexual neurotics. Organs feel cold


Composition:Each tablet contains Yohibinum 1X 300mg in lactose base.
Family:Rubiaceae Active principle Yohimbin
Indication: Sexual organs stimulant, an aphrodisiac, Contraindicated in all acute and chronic inflammations of abdominal organs.

Weight Care Tablets

1.Fucusvesiculosus 1X

Composition:Each tablet contains FucusVes. 1X 300mg in lactose base.

Indication: Weight Loss, Natural fat cutter.


Composition:Each tablet contains Phytolacca Berry.1X. 300mg in lactose base.
Indication:Reduces obesity and maintains weight . Glandular swellings with heat and inflammation. Has a powerful effect on osseous and fibrous tissues Chronic rheumatism.


1. Sambuscus 1X.Indication:; Dry coryza of infants ,snuffles

2. Strophanthus 1X.Indication: Tones up Heart, oedema,  dropiscal disorder

3. Quercus Glad.Spiritus 1X. Indication:Takes away craving for Alcohol, antidotes effects of Alcohol

4. Lemna minor 3 X.


Vashisht Rawolfia Serpentine 1x Mother Tincture Tablets


Vashisht Kuruchi 1X Mother Tincture Tablets


Vashisht Ginseng 1x Mother Tincture Tablets


Vashisht Ginko Biloba 1X Mother Tincture Tablets


Vashisht Fucus Vesiculosus 1X Mother Tincture Tablets


Vashisht Echinecia Augusta 1x Mother Tincture Tablets


Vashisht Cardus Mar 1x Mother Tincture Tablets


Vashisht Berberis Vulgaris 1x Mother Tincture Tablets


Vashisht Berberis Aquafolia 1X Tablets


Vashisht Avena Sativa 1X Mother Tincture Tablets


Vashisht Alfalfa 1X Mother Tincture Tablets