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Hair Oils

Our ranges of hair oils are made of the best oils available and natural ingredients.   Packing Available : 100ml and 200ml pet bottle.   Well known Homoeopathic Herbs Arnica,Thuja and Brahmi in oil base prepared under strict quality control. 1.THUJA HAIR OIL Formulated in base of castor oil,Til oil, coconut oil Contains ThujaOcc herbal extracts. Homoeopathic nourishment and protection for your hair.100% Herbal Homoeo Hair oil. A Doctors formula to prevent Hair falling, dandruff, premature grey hair and lengthens the hair.   2.ARNICA HAIR OIL A none sticky oil base contains 100% pure Homoeopathic Herbal extract from Arnica M. A Doctors formula to nourish your hair.   3.BRAHMI OIL Pure extract of Brahmi helps in enhancing nervinepropertie

Vashisht Homeo Thuja Hair Oil Enriched with Arnica and Jaborandi for Hair Loss


Vashisht Brahmi Bacopa Monneiri Hair Oil for hair fall


Vashisht Arnica Hair Tonic with Thuja Occ Cantharis for hair fall